Accor ‘Seeker’ Experience Comes to Parlay

07.16.2018 Studio News


Accor, the French multinational hospitality company introduces a new experience for their guests.

Produced by the Mill, the project called ‘Seeker’ tracks user engagement digitally to suggest a suitable experience. Built and shot in our Annex studio, the ‘Seeker’ project is an absolutely stunning piece of visuals. Take a look for yourself with the BTS (Behind the Scenes) video release.

“In late June 2018, Le Club AccorHotels brought together thought leaders from across North America to pilot Seeker. The groundbreaking multi-sensory installation included: motion tracking, a reactive visualization across LED panels, measuring intensity of motion and linger time to assess relative extroversion or introversion; a reactive waterfall, used to determine affinity for tranquility or adventure; a collection of unique pillars, gauging attraction to either modern (glass, metal) or rustic (wood, stone) environments; and a video mood board, which displayed simultaneous video clips contrasting various experience locales, tonalities and types.”

Each guest was outfitted with a Muse EEG Headset and Empatica E4 wristband; a custom app was developed to wirelessly stream alpha and gamma brain waves, heart rate, and heregalvanic skin response data from these devices to the control room in real-time. Behavioral data was merged with a “biometric multiplier” to give greater weight to responses with more EEG engagement, higher heart rates and elevated GSR readings. A custom algorithm was then used to match responses with six key psychological, personality, destination and style metrics: urban vs. rural, adventure vs. relaxation, romance vs. family, rustic vs. modern, hot vs. cold, extroversion vs. introversion. The result was a visual psychograph and travel profile completely unique to each participant, which informed recommendations for dream destinations scored against the same metrics.

Take a look at the finished production video here.

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Read more about the project here.

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