Parlay Studios Proud to Host Season 23 of America’s Next Top Model

12.07.2016 Studio News

In the summer of 2016, Parlay Studios was proud to host a storm of frenzied “smizing” and “ferocious” glamour as the cast and crew of America’s Next Top Model carried out 10 weeks of intensive shooting and production. Hips swayed, lips were pouted, and many a hissy-fit was thrown.


New Faces

Since its premiere on December the 12th, fans of the show have been following the trials and tribulations as this season’s fresh faces are put through their modeling paces in the hope of making the big-time. The panel for this cycle of the show includes singer Rita Ora, model and body-activist Ashley Graham, PAPER Magazine Creative Director Drew Elliot, and Celebrity Stylist Law Roach. These four industry heavyweights are faced with the daunting task of judging a cast of fourteen young hopefuls with their eyes on fashion, fame, and fortune.

High Stakes And Low Tactics

If past seasons are anything to go by, the “fierce” competition will soon see contestants on the offensive: claws out and spitting fur. But not without good reason, of course. In addition to being crowned with the title of America’s Next Top Model, this season’s overall winner will also snag themselves a $100,000 cash prize, a commercial assignment with top cosmetics brand Rimmel London, and a one-year talent deal with VH1.



Fashion Gets A Makeover

For Season 23,  America’s Next Top Model makes its debut on VH1, newly rebranded and restyled under the reins of Exectuive Producer Tyra Banks (who has ceded the presenter’s chair to Rita Ora but stays on to pull the strings from behind the scenes). Famous for sending reluctant (and often somewhat, shall we say, precious) young women under the hair-stylist’s unforgiving snippers, the show itself has undergone a radical makeover for its 23rd cycle. The ambitious production schedule required the construction of a huge new set. This made Parlay’s Annex stage a clear choice of location for filming the popular reality show. The Annex’s vast dimensions and super easy drive-in access allowed this incredible project to cruise through the 10 week schedule. The show’s producers were also swayed by the convenience of shooting in Jersey City and ease of access to the Parlay Studios campus for cast and crew traveling in from NYC and beyond.


International Cat-Fight

Running since 2003, America’s Next Top Model has launched the modeling and acting careers of many successful stars and is highly popular internationally. The show currently airs in 170 countries around the world. US viewers can follow the latest bout of laughter, tears, cat-fights and catwalk-tumbles on VH1 Mondays at 10pm ET/PT. Totally “flawesome!


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