“Balance” by Tobias Hutzler featured in TIME Magazine

04.05.2013 Industry, Trends

Parlay Studios is pleased to present Balance. A film envisioned and shot by photographer Tobias Hutzler. Featured in TIME magazine the production was managed by New York’s B2Pro. Within two days, Balance racked up close to 50,000 views 2,000 likes. It also has been picked up by online media outlets ranging from Zeit, which is like the Time magazine of Germany, to U.S.-based Juxtapoz. And it was named a Staff Pick by the editors of Vimeo.

The inspiration for Balance was Maedir Eugster, an artist with the Rigolo Swiss Nouveau Cirque, who performs the astonishing feat of balancing a series of palm-leaf ribs on a single feather for audiences at the avant-garde circus Spiegelworld’s “Empire” show. Tobias, who is interested in temporary sculptures, was introduced to Maedir, and the two decided to collaborate on a film based on the performance.

“I am very interested in the aspect of perpetual motion, an object of perfect symmetry, geometry and balance, like a mobile by Alexander Calder,” Tobias says.
Rather than try to re-create the colorful staging of the palm-leaf piece familiar to Maedir’s Spiegelworld audiences, though, Tobias took a much more spartan approach and chose a bare studio for the setting.

Shot at Parlay Studios in Jersey City, New Jersey, using a setup comprising multiple RED cameras, in order to capture “the tension and sweat in detail.” Balance was produced by James Jolly of Prime Pictures, executive produced by Brent Langton of B2Pro, and edited by Bunker Media.

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