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Disney to Pull Content from Netflix by 2019

08.11.2017 Culture, Industry

Disney reported on Tuesday that they intend on removing all of its movies and television shows from the Netflix streaming service by the end of 2018. This decision is to ultimately make way for Disney’s very own streaming service to come in 2019. Consequentially, Netflix stock fell five percent after the separation announcement according to Forbes.…

Hollywood Blockbuster Movies Shot in New Jersey

08.08.2017 Culture, Destination

We’re all familiar with the term “cliffhanger” –  a word used to describe a movie filled with suspense, danger, and “edge-of-your-seat” thrills. But did you know that the term originated out of the early serials filmed on the New Jersey Palisades in Fort Lee – the birthplace of the motion picture industry in America?

American Horror Story Reveals Title and Trailer

07.21.2017 Culture

After much anticipation, the new American Horror Story season title has finally been revealed to the public: Cult. Ryan Murphy, writer and producer of FX’s American Horror Story, suggested the infamous 2016 Presidential Election would be an influence in this season of the show. While many were eager to see how he would pull this…

Female Leads In The Top Movies of 2017

07.18.2017 Culture

The number of female protagonists in hit films was at an all-time high in 2016, according to a study by The Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film. The study states that women led 29% of the top 100 grossing films of the year in 2016 – a recent historical high. In…

RED Teases New Modular 3D screen Android Phone

07.13.2017 Culture, Industry, Trends

RED is the real deal in the world of digital cinema, offering cinema-grade cameras that are used to shoot some of the biggest of Hollywood’s blockbusters. Even here at Parlay Studios, many productions regularly rely on RED for their shoots. RED is best known for its high-end cameras used to film blockbuster movies like “Transformers: The Last…

Nostalgia & Hollywood’s Remake Craze

06.23.2017 Culture

It can be easy to hate on the current state of Hollywood and the endless stream of remakes, reboots, and seemingly unnecessary sequels. But there’s also room for redemption in Hollywood’s fascination with nostalgia and its penchant for remakes. Here are just a few of the pros and cons.

Love-To-Hate Music Video Clichés

06.12.2017 Culture

Ever since MTV premiered in 1981, the art of the music video has come a long way. Boundaries have been pushed, homage has been paid to the masters, and many self-parodies have been produced. It’s no secret. Clichés are out there. But at some point, even the most played out bits can win a special…

Game of Thrones Spinoffs Are Coming, Says HBO

06.02.2017 Culture

It looks like winter will keep on coming—or, at least several new Game of Thrones spinoff series, according to HBO. With very little information confirmed by the network, fans have been quick to speculate what these new series could be. Here’s what we know (and think) so far!

Summer Movies of 2017 – 5 Must-See Films

05.25.2017 Culture

  From shootouts and explosions to side-splitting comedy, summer blockbusters are a tradition as American as the 4th of July, barbeques and chasing after the ice cream truck. It’s a hard task, but we’ve picked out five of the must-see summer movies of 2017, along with plenty of others that look fun as well!

Writers Strike Avoided with Deal Struck Instead

05.22.2017 Culture

In a high-stakes drama fit for well, television, the Writers Guild of America narrowly avoided a massive writer’s strike by striking a deal instead at the start of May 2017.