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Nostalgia & Hollywood’s Remake Craze

06.23.2017 Culture

It can be easy to hate on the current state of Hollywood and the endless stream of remakes, reboots, and seemingly unnecessary sequels. But there’s also room for redemption in Hollywood’s fascination with nostalgia and its penchant for remakes. Here are just a few of the pros and cons.

Love-To-Hate Music Video Clichés

06.12.2017 Culture

Ever since MTV premiered in 1981, the art of the music video has come a long way. Boundaries have been pushed, homage has been paid to the masters, and many self-parodies have been produced. It’s no secret. Clichés are out there. But at some point, even the most played out bits can win a special…

Game of Thrones Spinoffs Are Coming, Says HBO

06.02.2017 Culture

It looks like winter will keep on coming—or, at least several new Game of Thrones spinoff series, according to HBO. With very little information confirmed by the network, fans have been quick to speculate what these new series could be. Here’s what we know (and think) so far!

Summer Movies of 2017 – 5 Must-See Films

05.25.2017 Culture

  From shootouts and explosions to side-splitting comedy, summer blockbusters are a tradition as American as the 4th of July, barbeques and chasing after the ice cream truck. It’s a hard task, but we’ve picked out five of the must-see summer movies of 2017, along with plenty of others that look fun as well!

Writers Strike Avoided with Deal Struck Instead

05.22.2017 Culture

In a high-stakes drama fit for well, television, the Writers Guild of America narrowly avoided a massive writer’s strike by striking a deal instead at the start of May 2017. 

6 Must-See Book to Film Adaptations in 2017

05.15.2017 Culture

Whether you’re hoping to read them before the movie comes to theaters or you’re getting ready to say, “the book was so much better!” check out these 6 must-see book to film adaptations in 2017!   Hidden Figures Limited Release – December 2016 | Full Release – January 2017 It may come as a surprise…

The Simpsons Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

05.05.2017 Culture

Considered to be one of the greatest television shows of all time, The Simpsons celebrated its 30th anniversary in April 2017 with an episode remembering its roots and contemplating the future.

MTV Gets Rid of Gendered Categories for Film & TV Awards

05.01.2017 Culture

After revealing its popular Movie Awards would become the Movie and TV Awards, MTV continued to make headlines by announcing it would also get rid of gendered categories in 2017. Explaining the network’s decision to make changes after 25 years, MTV president Chris McCarthy told Vulture, “This audience actually doesn’t see male-female dividing lines, so…

T2 Trainspotting Opens with Critical Acclaim

03.13.2017 Culture

In our current age of endless remakes, reboots, and franchising, sequels are a dime a dozen. However, Danny Boyle’s long-anticipated follow-up to his 1996 Trainspotting seems to offer a distinct breath of fresh air, just as the original did over 20 years ago. Previously on Trainspotting… In case you’ve forgotten, the ending of Trainspotting seems…

The Return of Twin Peaks

01.24.2017 Culture

The return of the hit TV drama Twin Peaks was announced in 2014 to much fanfare and excitement. Season 3 is scheduled to air on Showtime May 21, 2017 with a two hour first episode. Fans are on the edges of their seats after the nearly 25 year wait. We’ve been promised a return of…