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Film Review : Bumblebee (2018)

01.09.2019 Culture, Featured, Trends

The latest in the Transformers universe is “Bumblebee,” a coming of age tale featuring an 18-year old girl and her transforming robot car. While previous installments relied heavily on CGI and action packed sequences, the sixth movie in the franchise takes a step back and adapts to a more traditional style of storytelling. Bumblebee was…

Why Netflix’s ‘Seven Seconds’ Doesn’t Represent Jersey City

03.06.2018 Culture, Featured

Netflix recently released Seven Seconds, a new crime drama series about a fictional hit-and-run of a black teenager. Seven Seconds is directed by “The Killing” director Veena Sud, and takes place in our very own Jersey City. The pilot opens up with rookie Jersey City police officer Peter Jablonski (Beau Knapp) driving in a SUV on…