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New Ways to Watch The Latest Feature Films

08.25.2017 Industry

With the rise of streaming and digital on-demand content, Comcast, Amazon, and Apple are set to release a new “movie rental service”. According an article published by the Hollywood Reporter, the VOD (Video on Demand) service in discussion would provide subscribers with the latest blockbuster films 30 – 45 days after the film has been released in theaters. The three…

“The Spoils of War” : Game of Thrones Behind The Scenes and Recap

08.14.2017 Culture, Industry

Game of Thrones has undeniably become one of the most talked about Television Shows of our time. Whether you follow the series or not, it is almost impossible to avoid the hype on social media or by word of mouth between your friends. In a video released by the Game of Thrones Youtube Channel, the…

Disney to Pull Content from Netflix by 2019

08.11.2017 Culture, Industry

Disney reported on Tuesday that they intend on removing all of its movies and television shows from the Netflix streaming service by the end of 2018. This decision is to ultimately make way for Disney’s very own streaming service to come in 2019. Consequentially, Netflix stock fell five percent after the separation announcement according to Forbes.…

Useful Smartphone Apps for Film / TV Production

08.04.2017 Industry

With the rising use of smartphones in our daily lives, it’s easy to forget how valuable of a tool it can be professionally. If you have a smartphone sitting in your pocket right now, you have access to many different tools that could make your life easier while on set. Whether you are an experienced crew…

Brief History of Remote Phosphor LEDs

07.25.2017 Industry

In today’s film industry, it is becoming more and more common place to use Remote Phosphor LEDs. Well, what exactly is a LED light? What makes it different from other lights?

RED Teases New Modular 3D screen Android Phone

07.13.2017 Culture, Industry, Trends

RED is the real deal in the world of digital cinema, offering cinema-grade cameras that are used to shoot some of the biggest of Hollywood’s blockbusters. Even here at Parlay Studios, many productions regularly rely on RED for their shoots. RED is best known for its high-end cameras used to film blockbuster movies like “Transformers: The Last…

Cinegear EXPO Takeaways

06.15.2017 Industry

At Parlay Studios, our day to day is heavily reliant on technology. From standard studio lighting to top of the line cameras, every step of the production process connected to and influenced by technology. New technologies and innovations come up everyday, and, as with most professions, there are plenty of expos that showcase the latest…

SXSW 2017 Film Takeaways

04.20.2017 Industry

A month later, we’re still processing all the buzz from SXSW 2017. The nine day Austin festival is always an arts and culture overload with no shortage of things to get excited about. This year’s film industry innovations and insights were no exception. From premiere highlights to notable panel topics, here are some of the…

Trailer Release for Stephen King’s IT

04.13.2017 Industry

The long-awaited trailer for the film adaptation of Stephen King’s classic 1986 novel is finally here. And we can’t wait for more. The two-and-a-half-minute teaser opens much like the first pages of the novel: six-year-old Georgie Denbrough chases a paper boat as it sails down the street during a rainstorm. When it’s washed away down…

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How Film Makers Interact with their Audience

03.30.2017 Industry

Sometimes when we’re sitting in the theater, mouths full of popcorn, we may think of the movies as a passive activity. We may not be giving much thought to how the film maker has made a conscious effort to involve the audience. Some methods are more subtle than others, but you don’t need to be…