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Trailer Release for Stephen King’s IT

04.13.2017 Industry

The long-awaited trailer for the film adaptation of Stephen King’s classic 1986 novel is finally here. And we can’t wait for more. The two-and-a-half-minute teaser opens much like the first pages of the novel: six-year-old Georgie Denbrough chases a paper boat as it sails down the street during a rainstorm. When it’s washed away down…

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How Film Makers Interact with their Audience

03.30.2017 Industry

Sometimes when we’re sitting in the theater, mouths full of popcorn, we may think of the movies as a passive activity. We may not be giving much thought to how the film maker has made a conscious effort to involve the audience. Some methods are more subtle than others, but you don’t need to be…

VR & 360 Video: A New Industry Reality?

03.21.2017 Industry

In 2017, virtual reality is more attainable than ever. Some of the biggest household names in technology remain committed to developing and cleverly marketing their VR contributions. Products by Google, HTC, and even Facebook who bought Oculus Rift in 2014, are becoming more and more available with options ranging from affordable ($15-$30) to high end…

Feature Film Budget Breakdown

02.23.2017 Industry

We often hear about all the money spent at the box office, but not as much about the money behind the scenes. What’s it take to make and produce some of the biggest blockbusters? What about the average feature film or an independent film? Here’s a feature film budget breakdown that takes a closer look…

Winners of the 2017 Sundance Film Festival

02.20.2017 Industry

The Sundance Film Festival is the biggest independent film festival in the United States, held every year since 1978. Although initially for American independent films, during its history, the festival has expanded to include international independent films and documentaries. The festival, founded by Wildwood, a company owned by Robert Redford, is now one of the…

2016 Film Industry Trends That Will Be Even Bigger Next Year

12.08.2016 Industry

2016 was a year in which many imaging technologies that were bubbling under the surface for some time finally came into their own. Here are some of the top industry film industry trends of 2016 that are set to build on their success in the year to come. Know what’s in style, and take it…

“Balance” by Tobias Hutzler featured in TIME Magazine

04.05.2013 Industry, Trends

Parlay Studios is pleased to present Balance. A film envisioned and shot by photographer Tobias Hutzler. Featured in TIME magazine the production was managed by New York’s B2Pro. Within two days, Balance racked up close to 50,000 views 2,000 likes. It also has been picked up by online media outlets ranging from Zeit, which is…

Creative Team Quintin & Ron shoot SMOLDER for Schon! Magazine

02.06.2013 Industry, Studio News

Parlay Studios hosts a lot of great shoots. It is especially important to us to give something back from time to time and that is why we created the Open Studio program to support new and emerging talent. Quintin & Ron are two very talented creatives and photographers. Watching them work is the essence of…

Tim Tebow is all about TiVo.

12.05.2012 Industry, Studio News

New York Jets Quaterback Tim Tebow is getting plenty of attention these days both on and off the field. His latest turn in the limelight is his role as brand ambassador for DVR giant TiVo. Tim loves his “magic box” and during a shoot at Parlay Studios he tells us why.

Get Your Vacation On! Orbitz Travel and The “Girls” of MTV Logo.

What do Drag Queens and Caribbean Islands have in common? We don’t know either but somehow both wound up on Parlay Studios “A” stage for an Orbitz Travel shoot. The “girls” of MTV’s Logo channel camped it up for a green screen shoot that had the client and crew in stiches for the entire day.…