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MoviePass Introduces $2 Surcharge for Popular Films

06.21.2018 Culture, Industry

MoviePass, an in-theater movie subscription service, announced that a $2 surcharge may be applied to films expected to be popular upon release. The surcharge announcement comes not too long after AMC announces the launch of their very own theater subscription service for $20 a month for 3 movies a week, which includes premium formats such…

AMC Launches New $20 Subscription Service in Response to MoviePass

06.20.2018 Industry

AMC will begin offering it’s new theater subscription service next Tuesday, which allows guests three movie screenings per week for the monthly price of $19.95. The subscription service, named “AMC Stubs A-List”, allows moviegoers access to both digital and premium formats such as Dolby Cinema®, IMAX®, and RealD® 3D. The subscription will also allow guests…

The Takeaway | All Female Remakes

06.08.2018 Culture, Industry

Re-releases, remakes, and reboots have been a major part of Hollywood in the recent years. Whether it’s an all-time classic or a run-of-the-mill superhero movie, remakes have time and time again shown to be a proven moneymaker in a multi-billion dollar industry. With the rise of female protagonists in movies, an all female cast doesn’t seem…

Deadpool 2: Cameos, Parodies, and Free Slurpees

05.18.2018 Culture, Industry

Ryan Reynolds returns as Deadpool to cinemas May 18th in Deadpool 2, a sequel to the self-titled 2016 hit Deadpool. The first installment in the series broke numerous records in its opening weekend, and became both the highest grossing rated-R film and the highest-grossing X-Men film to date. The movie received critical acclaim for its production, cast,…

Christopher Nolan Presents “Unrestored” 70mm Release of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey

05.17.2018 Culture, Industry

The English director Christopher Nolan made his first debut at the Cannes film festival this year to present the new print of Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, which opened in the US last Friday, May 18th. Nolan recalls seeing Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ at London’s Leicester Square Theater with his father when…

Say Hello to the New New Jersey Tax Credit

04.23.2018 Industry

The New Jersey Senate passed NJ S122 (Senate Bill 122) on April 12, 2018, which would restore the film tax credit program in the state. Under the proposed program, qualified productions would receive a tax credit in an amount equal to 30% of qualified expenditures provided that at least 60% of the total film production…

ARRI Releases SkyPanel Firmware 4

04.11.2018 Industry

The recently released SkyPanel Firmware 4 brings new controls to the SkyPanel, and adds even more versatility and control to an already powerful piece of equipment. The new firmware released by ARRI includes ten brand new features to expand the capabilities of the SkyPanel. The Skypanel Firmware 4 offers the following features for advanced control including:…

Behind the Scenes of Spike Jonze’s Apple Ad

03.23.2018 Culture, Industry

Apple’s recently released a short film “Welcome Home” directed by Spike Jonze. Starring FKA Twigs, the ad portrays a disgruntled city dweller whose dull apartment comes to life thanks to her Apple HomePod device. Her room lights up, stretches and morphs into a virtual playground of shape and color. The key point of the production…

Anyone Else Getting Tired of Superhero Movies?

03.23.2018 Culture, Industry

We can all agree that an occasional superhero movie is worth watching. Recognizable characters, top-of-the-line visual effects, and simple plots that are easy to follow make for a pleasant risk-free movie night experience for everyone. But how many of these movies is too much? Let’s take a look at how we ended up with the…

Film Locations You Didn’t Know Were in New Jersey

03.12.2018 Culture, Industry

There are hundreds of movies that are based or shot in New Jersey – but you would have never guessed these movies were shot in the Garden State. Check out these iconic scenes from Hollywood blockbusters that feature our home state of NJ! I Am Legend Remember the ending of the movie, where Will Smith…