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06.15.2017 Industry

At Parlay Studios, our day to day is heavily reliant on technology. From standard studio lighting to top of the line cameras, every step of the production process connected to and influenced by technology. New technologies and innovations come up everyday, and, as with most professions, there are plenty of expos that showcase the latest advances in production technology. In June, we believe there is no better place to peek at new studio gear than Cinegear Expo in Hollywood, CA.

The Cinegear Expo attracts thousands of professionals in the field to display their products. The conference is held at the iconic Paramount Theater in Los Angeles, and gathers people from all around the world to display their studio gear.


Cinegear Expo

Created by industry insiders, Cinegear Expo focuses on the needs of the community and draws the most dedicated specialists from all major department including digital media, film, entertainment, post production, virtual and augmented reality, live events, and more.

The annual four day conference includes an unparalleled gathering of Exhibits, Premier and Master Class Seminars, Film Festival Competition with Finalist Screenings and Ceremony, New Product Announcements, Innovative Technical Awards Competition, Special Screening Events and beyond. You can take a look at the type of exhibits that happen each year by taking a look at this interactive map.

For the past three years, technical awards were given out after reviewing and evaluating the newest technologies. While there does not seem to be a set standard of categories, the usual categories are Camera, Lighting, Support, Post Production, and Other. While the most recent awards are not yet announced, the Hudson Spider “Redback” really caught our eye this year.

The Hudson Spider

The Hudson Spider Redback was one of many to make it’s way to Cinegear; however, it definitely drew our attention and stuck out from the rest of the gear this year.

The Redback is a parabolic umbrella equipped with 3,456 LEDs. Its simple yet innovative design allows for variety of shooting environments, and can be easily carried weighing only 8 lbs total. It was displayed at the LITEGEAR exhibit this year, a company that designs and builds LED lighting gear for professionals in Cinema, TV, and HD Video industries.

The Redback is currently the only parabolic layout of LEDs available on the market. It boasts a 36″ umbrella inlaid with LEDS, which can be collapsed and folded to fit inside a standard sized backpack. The light is fully dimmable, displaying 2900K to 6300K in hybrid color. It can both be plugged or battery powered, and weighs just about 8 pounds, making it a versatile tool for any type of shooting environment.


Cineo QC80

At Cine Gear Expo 2017 (Booth S133), Cineo Lighting displayed one of its latest products, the QC80. The Qc80 boasts independent controls of the dimming curve, white light, colored light, and saturation via four separate DMX channels. It delivers up to 50,000 lumens of full-gamut light, also includes a full RGB gamut, which works in conjunction with the reference-quality white light as a complete, creative lighting toolkit.

To support the QC80‘s innovative approach to saturated color technology, Cineo has developed a simple, four channel interface that provides control locally using the system’s graphical control panel, through traditional wired DMX or with the Integrated LumenRadio CRMX bi-directional wireless DMX/RDM control.

“The Qc80’s color LEDs use the same die as its white LEDs, achieving identical thermal stability,” says Chuck Edwards, CTO, Cineo Lighting. “Ultimately, this allows for the color to remain consistent throughout the lifetime of a fixture. This product consistency means that our customers will achieve the highest quality results over the extended lifetime of the product.”


LiteTile Plus+

Last but not least, we take a look at yet another LITEGEAR product.

The LiteTile product line is a blend of LiteMat LED engines in an engineered textile housing. This unique form factor allows a user to install thin, soft, Hybrid light into previously inaccessible areas. The LiteTile uses the new CineMitter LED which has 95+ CRI and an extended CCT range from 2600K to 6000K. Each individual LiteTile (2‘x4‘ or 2‘x8‘) is finished with hook and loop Velcro® and can attach, or “tile,” together to form any number of shapes and sizes.

LiteTile can easily rig into existing grip or butterfly frames, or as an alternative, they can be used separately to attach to anything like a drop-ceiling or directly to a set wall. The unique shape of LiteTile allows the fixture to fold like a paper map into the size of a LiteMat 1. This unique folding method makes storage and transportation a breeze. LiteTile+ Plus uses the new LiteDimmer+ Plus all-in-one power supply and dimmer.

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