Deadpool 2: Cameos, Parodies, and Free Slurpees

05.18.2018 Culture, Industry

Ryan Reynolds returns as Deadpool to cinemas May 18th in Deadpool 2, a sequel to the self-titled 2016 hit Deadpool. The first installment in the series broke numerous records in its opening weekend, and became both the highest grossing rated-R film and the highest-grossing X-Men film to date. The movie received critical acclaim for its production, cast, and faithfulness to the original comic. Deadpool, a relatively unknown superhero before the movie, became one of the most recognized faces in the fictional universe. A major part of the movie’s success can be credited to a marketing campaign that perfectly captured the character and his antics.

Deadpool is well aware that he is taking part in a movie, and narrates the original film from a first person perspective. He breaks the fourth wall throughout the franchise, which allowed for a less-than-conventional and relatively low cost marketing campaign – a necessity due to the original film’s limited budget (Ryan Reynold’s didn’t do too well as DC’s Green Lantern, and the studios were doubtful of Reynold’s success as another superhero). Ryan Reynolds and the Deadpool team broke all expectations with the first movie, and is back stronger than ever. This time around, Deadpool 2 is no longer the underdog that it was, but is back to prove that the initial success was not just a fluke.

To promote the release of Deadpool 2, there have been some serious marketing efforts both on and off the web – contests, commercials, fictional social media profiles, hidden easter eggs, popup events, and many more! It’s definitely a more unique and refreshing approach to marketing and promotion, especially in comparison to the cliché cinematic trailers we’ve come to expect from superhero films.

Take a look below to check out some of unexpected methods used to promote the release of Deadpool 2!


► Walmart teamed up with Fox Studios for customized displays containing Blu-ray releases of Fox movies, with a promotional Deadpool artwork sleeve over the original movie casing.

► Espolòn (tequila company) named Deadpool its creative director and new spokesman in a marketing campaign that included co-branded packaging, ad buys, and social media campaigns.

► Devour features Deadpool sponsering the brand’s microwavable sandwiches in a TV spot.

► Mike’s Harder, which hosted several pop-ups of the bar frequented by Deadpool and his friends in New York and L.A. that also featured movie-branded versions of the company’s drinks.

► 7-Eleven, which added an augmented reality component to its 7-Eleven mobile app that had Deadpool guide you through the store. There are also free Slurpees available! Text Red to 711-711 to instantly get a mobile coupon good for a free small Slurpee at participating locations. The coupon is good through June 7.

► Trolli, which created an exclusive “Tiny Hands” version of its gummy treats for 7-Eleven, along with a short commercial.

► Here’s Deadpool in a short cameo with David Beckham, apologizing for his remark in the first movie mocking the soccer player’s high-pitched voice.

► And a followup with Manchester United.

► Deadpool also does a parody of Bob Ross.

► Here is Deadpool with Céline Dion, whose song is featured as part of the soundtrack.

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