Major Beauty at Parlay

07.18.2012 Studio News, Trends

When professional beauty photographers like Keith Major want to shoot digital cinema they go Epic. RED Epic.

Keith and his team joined Parlay Studios to take his work to the next level and into the world of full motion imagery. DP Kevin Hack and LD John Welsh III worked with Keith to create an environment the photographer was familiar with while introducing the features of the RED Epic to the photographer.

In addition to the camera’s remarkable abilities in light capture, dynamic range and super high frame rates, the team also worked with the lasted advancements in lighting provided by B2Pro. Using their focusable umbrella HMI lights, Keith and company were able to get amazing results in a fraction of the time it would take to set up more conventional lighting.

The results? Well, let’s just let the images and the team speak for themselves.

Author of the Article: Parlay Studios

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