Marvel Releases Teaser Trailer for The Punisher

08.18.2017 Culture

The unforgiving vigilante with the dark past is back in Marvel’s sixth series collaboration with Netflix. Netflix released the long anticipated teaser trailer for The Punisher earlier today, the same day the fifth series collaboration, The Defenders made its Netflix debut. The teaser trailer tells us three things to expect from this new Netflix series: fast-paced violence, vengeance, and sledgehammers. Jon Bernthal will play the role of Frank Castle, a sledgehammer-bearing, merciless, veteran who was originally introduced during season 2 of Daredevil. Also starring in the gritty horror series, The Walking Dead and the crime-thriller, Sicario, Bernthal is not new to the action-packed genre.

From being bullied at a young age on the tough streets of D.C. to making friends with a fellow classmate with ties to Irish gang members in college, his hard-core lifestyle translates to his work. Bernthal told GQ that he was even locked up for a time due to his rugged lifestyle.

Bernthal also disclosed to GQ that he initially had no interest in The Punisher. What attracted him to the role was the character he was offered to portray. He was drawn to Castle’s history and how he was not a stereotypical, cape-wearing, superhero. Castle is a very angry character with a passion to fight crime no matter the circumstances or means necessary. The new series will be released later this year.

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