MoviePass Introduces $2 Surcharge for Popular Films

06.21.2018 Culture, Industry

MoviePass, an in-theater movie subscription service, announced that a $2 surcharge may be applied to films expected to be popular upon release. The surcharge announcement comes not too long after AMC announces the launch of their very own theater subscription service for $20 a month for 3 movies a week, which includes premium formats such as IMAX, Dolby, and 3D.

This new surcharge will be introduced by the end of this summer season. In addition to the surcharge, subscribers will now have optional “add-on” features such as bring-a-friend (purchasing a plus one ticket at a discounted price), and upgrading their ticket to premium screening methods such as IMAX and Real 3D.

While MoviePass offers daily movie screenings and wider availability at $9.99, the news of a surcharge along with announcement of the new ‘Stubs A-list’ subscription service may be enough for existing MoviePass subscribers make the switch. From a moviegoer’s point of view, it seems that both subscriptions have their pros and cons, and the choice would depend on an individual’s movie-going needs.

Ultimately, we’ll leave it up to you to decide on a subscription – if at all.

Author of the Article: Adriana Alcala

Adriana is a contributing writer at Parlay Studios as well as a yoga instructor in the New Jersey and New York area. In her spare time, she enjoys to edit B-like footage and creating abstract montage pieces.

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