Papa John’s X-Large 2-Topping Pizza TV Commercial, ‘Share It’

10.26.2018 Studio News

Papa John’s dropped by Parlay to shoot their latest commercial for their $10 X-Large 2 Topping Pizza deal. The video features mouth-watering tabletop closeups of a X-Large sausage and pepperoni pizza in our Annex studio space, which was fully prepped as a pizza kitchen for the duration of the shoot. The Papa John’s team brought in their best chefs, and baked the pizzas in-house to capture them hot out of the oven. Containing a stand alone full prep kitchen as well as two in-studio 4’x8’ ventilation hoods, our Annex stage is ideal for a variety of table top shoots.

For a limited time, Papa John’s is offering an X-Large 2-Topping Pizza for $10 with promo code “XLPIZZA.” Customers can also add a 2-liter Pepsi for $2. Take our word for it – it’s as good as it looks.

Author of the Article: Parlay Studios

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