Parlay Studios July Playlist

07.15.2018 Music

See what our crew has been listening to for the month of July!

Adam Himber Executive Producer So Alive – Gill Bondy

Adriana Alcala Reception Feel Me Flow – Naughty By Nature

Alex Heitzenrater Controller RDNZL – Frank Zappa

Cameron Zonfrilli Creative Director / Partner

Chase Vorhees Intern Freaking Out the Neighborhood – Mac DeMarco

Chad Servidio Studio Manager

Donnie Shin Digital Marketing Specialist Untitled Original 11386 – Take 1 – John Coltrane

Evan Zonfrilli Studio Coordinator You Wreck Me – Tom Petty

Hector Gonzalez Assistant Studio Manager

John Welsh III Creative Director / Partner Bygones – Oliver

Mike Pavlinic Studio Manager September – Earth, Wind & Fire



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