RED Teases New Modular 3D screen Android Phone

07.13.2017 Culture, Industry, Trends

RED is the real deal in the world of digital cinema, offering cinema-grade cameras that are used to shoot some of the biggest of Hollywood’s blockbusters. Even here at Parlay Studios, many productions regularly rely on RED for their shoots.

RED is best known for its high-end cameras used to film blockbuster movies like “Transformers: The Last Knight,” “Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2,” and “The Martian,” among many others. Last Thursday, the company publicly announced its plans to release a smartphone in early 2018 called the Hydrogen One.


The Hydrogen One

The Hydrogen One will be a modular Android phone with a 5.7-inch “hydrogen holographic display”. The RED company claims that the Hydrogen One will display 3D “holographic” content without the need for special glasses, and will support 2D, RED’s holographic content (H4V), stereo 3D content, 2D/3D VR, AR, and MR. When the company unveiled the Hydrogen One last week, further technical details and specs were not revealed and left fans in the dark. However, with a little research we could see that they filed a recent patent that seems to outline the possibilities the Hydrogen One could bring.

The Modular Phone

The company imagines a few practical modules that will connect to the Hydrogen One, like a spare battery, a speaker, or a projector. The concept isn’t a new onethe Moto Z was released last year in 2016, and is still currently available on the market. It uses Moto Mods, which attach one at a time onto the phone. Batteries, gamepads, and speakers are some of the few accessories that they offer for the Moto Z. The difference between the Hydrogen One and the Moto Z would be that in RED’s version, all these modules are the same shape. You’d be stacking another rectangular block the same shape of the phone to the back or front of the phone.

The Patent

The phone aspect of the Hydrogen One isn’t all that different from other phones out in the market. However, the real power of the Hydrogen One comes from the ridiculous powerhouse it could stack up to be. RED describes in its patent an entirely separate camera module with a modular lens system. The camera module is attached to the back of the Hydrogen One smartphone, covering up its rear camera and replacing it. The new lens would then provide a better image sensor and image processor to capture video at up to (or even over) 8K resolution. The user could also put other modules in between the smartphone and the camera module, like a battery, or extra hard drives, which would indubitably bring a series of interesting combinations.

You can view the images of the patent here. The RED Hydrogen One is set to release in Q1 of 2018, and is available for pre-order here for $1199.

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