Reese’s – We’ll Stop #NotSorry

08.27.2018 Studio News

We had our Studio A painted Orange for a recent production shot at Parlay Studios. Producing for Reese’s, Sibling Rivalry utilized an all orange backdrop to create the latest installment in the Reese’s #NotSorry marketing campaign. They seamlessly connect a table top clip of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups dropping in slo-mo from the air with the instantly recognizable Reese’s orange background. The video is also narrated by Will Arnett (George Arnold ‘Gob’ Bluth) of Arrested Development fame.

Parlay provided an array of LED Arri Skypanels, ranging from the S30, S60 & S120. This impressive group of Skypanels lit up the freshly painted orange cyc to capture the perfect shade of orange for the drop. Take a look at the short above, and check out the behind the scenes photo below!


Author of the Article: Parlay Studios

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