Stranger Things Season 2: What You Need to Know

10.27.2017 Culture

Stranger Things has been all the hype this week. It’s been a few hours since Netflix launched the newest season of Stranger Things, and not surprisingly, thousands of subscribers report to have stayed up all night to watch the second season in its entirety. Netflix promoted the series heavily throughout the year releasing teasers and trailers in various locations – In return, it was hugely anticipated by fans around the world.

Here’s what you need to know to before you join others in spending the next few hours binge-watching the full season in your bed tonight.

Stranger Things Season 2: What You Need to Know

The previous season ends with the young stars Will, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas as they get back home safely and start adjusting to their normal teenage lives around Christmas time. All is not well, however – in the last few minutes of of the previous season, Will gags up a slug in his home bathroom sink and has visions of the “Upside Down”, foreshadowing the dark events that will take place in Season Two.

The second season of Stranger Things starts a few days before the Halloween of 1984, and things still seem to be okay.The whole gang return in Season Two joined by a new best friend in the form of Max (played by Sadie Sink). The second season of Stranger Things starts out slow, just as it did with the previous season. The show reminds us of the innocence in the small town of Hawkins, and it’s almost as if Eleven and the Demogorgon didn’t even happen and life is back to normal – almost. After the first couple of episodes, it starts to really put the wheels back in motion to once again to remind us of the very real danger that lurks within the town of Hawkins.

As you may know, Stranger Things 2 is now available to stream on Netflix – get started on your binge this Halloween weekend!

Click here to watch the first episode of Season 2 on Netflix.

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