Superbowl LII 2018 Commercial Previews

02.02.2018 Industry, Trends

The Philadelphia Eagles will take on the New England Patriots this Sunday in Super Bowl LII. The televised sporting event draws over a hundred million viewers each year.

While the game may be the main event, it’s not the only competition on the screen.

The Super Bowl is that one special time of the year viewers actually want to watch the commercials. They’re  full of cameos from famous celebrities, and some are even entertaining! From Steven Tyler to Morgan Freeman, various stars will be making appearances during this year’s ad breaks, as well as a few others that are being secret until the broadcast. While some are available before the big day, many are being kept secret to heighten the surprise.

Here are the commercials and teasers you can watch right now before the game.

Kia – Feel Something Again

Amazon – Alexa Loses Her Voice

Doritos vs Mountain Dew – #SPITFIRE / #ICECOLD

M&M – Human

Squarespace – Make It With Keanu Reeves

Michelob ULTRA – The Perfect Fit

Jack in the Box – #JACKvsMARTHA

Pringles – WOW

Bud Light – Ye Olde Pep Talk

Budweiser – Stand By You

Stella Artois – Taps

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