09.04.2012 Industry, Motion, Studio News

Tigersapien approached Parlay Film Productions with one of their upbeat Electro songs and a challenge; they wanted the “craziest” video imaginable involving women and fire… Parlay delivered.

This video was conceptualized and directed by our own John Welsh III. Shot entirely on the RED One at Parlay Studios over a span of 3 days, it was extremely ambitious for the nominal budget. “I wanted to challenge myself,” John said, “I have never done a video entirely comprised of green screen and was so reliant on Post-Production effects. It was scary at first. I remember being on set with Chase the first day, looking around at just a nude model painted gold laying on a green screen and think to myself, ‘Man, I hope this works.’ But luckily, I had a great team at Get-Kinetic. I never would have attempted something like this if Dan wasn’t so talented.”

Author of the Article: Parlay Studios

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