Animal ER Live by Nat Geo Wild

07.08.2019 Featured, Motion, Studio News

We are pleased to have hosted Nat Geo’s “Animal ER Live” here at Parlay Studios.

From the creators of the real-time law enforcement series “Live PD”, Big Fish Entertainment, “Animal ER Live” is one for the animal lovers. Occupying our Studio C space, Big Fish utilized bonded cellular, satellite, and fiber connections to ensure a smooth transmission from field to studio.

The series captures the fast-paced drama and intensity of a hospital procedural mixed with the unbreakable bonds between pets and their owners. Cameras trail teams of emergency veterinarians and specialists nationwide as they work tirelessly through the night to save the lives of pets. The crew also accompanies on-call vets to homes and farms to treat animals that are too sick or too big to travel.

Catch the episodes and clips online at


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