ARRI Announces the Orbiter

09.12.2019 Featured, Industry

ARRI announced the Orbiter, a new point source LED luminaire that is set to change how the lighting industry looks at digital lighting. The Orbiter is an ultra-bright tunable and directional LED fixture that and boasts an innovative changeable optics system. Orbiter’s wide range of optics and features allows the fixture to be used in a great variety of applications without compromising beam, output, or color quality.

While it brings innovation with the new Quick Lighting Mount (QLM), the Orbiter also includes all the digital features of the SkyPanel plus others. The fixture’s ability to throw light long distances with its open face or projection optics, while at the same time being able to serve as a soft light, brings the flexibility needed on today’s fast-paced productions.

Parlay Studios and Double Down Lighting will work to make the Orbiter available for rent as soon as they are in production, so check back in the near future for rental availability.

Read more about the Orbiter in their release notes below, and be sure to check out the features video as well.

Author of the Article: Parlay Studios

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