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Making Art Away From Somewhere

11.16.2017 Featured, Industry

We traipsed around Los Angeles for a week, my wife’s pregnant belly growing rounder with each passing day. Finally, two years after our marriage, we decided to take a honeymoon and for the first time, I found myself in one of my favorite cities on Earth without an agenda. I had no band behind me,…

Behind The Scenes: ‘Mindhunter’

11.09.2017 Featured, Industry

Netflix debuted a new psychological thriller this year with Mindhunter, a crime drama based on the book Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit. The series was directed by David Fincher and follows a FBI hostage negotiator as he dives into the minds of serial killers and their behaviors.

‘House of Cards’ Production Suspended

11.06.2017 Featured, Industry

Netflix announced last Tuesday it was suspending production for the final season of the hit show “House of Cards”, following accusations of unwanted sexual advancements against its star Kevin Spacey. Netflix and Media Rights Capital, the studio behind the show, said in a statement that production was being halted “to give us time to review…

stranger things season two release

Stranger Things Season 2: What You Need to Know

10.27.2017 Culture, Featured

Stranger Things has been all the hype this week. It’s been a few hours since Netflix launched the newest season of Stranger Things, and not surprisingly, thousands of subscribers report to have stayed up all night to watch the second season in its entirety.